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Year 7 & 8 Reading Programme

IMG_2683(1)If you were to go up to the sixth form common room on a Tuesday or Friday morning, you would come across the scene of year 7s and 8s, sat with their year 12 partner, reading a book of their choice. You would hear the room positively buzzing with the reading and chatter, and this is because of Lawnswood’s paired reading programme.

This programme has been created to help year 7s and 8s with their confidence in reading and to help raise their reading age. For ten to fifteen minutes a week, on either a Tuesday or Friday morning, the younger students will come upstairs to read a book of their choice with their year 12 partner. The year 12 student will either read out loud alongside the younger student, or will let them read and help to support them with words they do not understand or cannot pronounce.

Sixth formers get the satisfaction of helping younger students with to improve their abilities in reading, as well as the experience they gain from working with younger students. And then there is the case of the younger students seeing the sixth formers even more as role models or friends of some sorts.

The year 7s and 8s gain a much stronger confidence and a better ability in reading, as well as an increase in their average reading age. This is something very important as their ability to read will affect them in everything they do in life. It means they will have a better and fairer chance in later endeavours. And once again, they get a sort of friendship out of it, as well as perhaps seeing how some of sixth form works. 

We asked what the younger students and sixth formers thought. Negin, year 7, told us she found that these mornings “helped a lot”, and that when she got home, she would start reading more often and that it both helped her read faster and do better in English, which were the aims of these mornings, as well as trying to get younger students to enjoy reading more. A sixth former, Laraib, year 12, states that she thinks “it’s great. It helps us to interact, support, and form friendships with the younger years.”

Emilie Jolly, Year 12 Journalist

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