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Work for Year 9 Students

It is extremely regrettable that school has had to be closed for a number of days now.  Please take this opportunity to keep on top of your work and remain focused.   Your teachers have put together a list of activities for you to work through.  Please get as much done as you can.  The list will be updated during the day.


Year 9 Maths worksheet


Complete the following non-fiction writing task:

A recent government report has suggested that homework is beneficial to exam performance.  It recommends that students are set at least 4 hours homework per week from the age of 9 until 16. 

Write a newspaper article for a school newspaper where you explain your point of view about homework.


There are worksheets attached to the website for you to work through. Students should not necessarily work through every question but find an appropriate entry point based on their understanding – of course there is no problem with attempting every question!!

  • Construct and solve equations and inequalities (unknowns on both sides)


As part of confidence week, students could design a drill for their favourite activity recapping teaching points and technique, the best drills will be selected and commendations will be given.


Helpful revision tasks can be found here:

Y9 -https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/topics/znhtyrd

Product Design

  1. Research into different lights particularly unusual designs and powered by LEDs – look on Ikea, John Lewis and any other lighting websites
  2. What is CAD/CAM
  3. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of CAD/CAM
  4. Collect pictures of the different types of CAD and CAM products/machines
  5. Explain the difference between ferrous, non-ferrous metals and alloys.
  6. Give examples of different metals and explain what category they are in and what they are used for.


Design a range of home furnishings ( cushions, curtains, lampshades etc) using the work of Antoni Gaudi as inspiration. Colour render and annotate your ideas showing fabrics, decoration techniques etc.


Year 9 – Op Art

Design an `Op Art’ inspired cover for your mobile phone.

Key Skills Year 7,8 and 9 pupils-

  • Easter Reading Challenge - Reading as many books as possible to reach your target of 20 books read by Easter. Make a note in your planner of the Title, Author, comments and any new words you have learnt to read or define.
  • Spelling Keyskills - Practise your weekly spelling list and be ready to get full marks for your Thursday/Friday test.
  • Spelling and SPAG - Access Spellodrome online spelling activities at home
  • Maths Practise Keyskills
  • Maths - practise Maths speed recall online on Mathletics
  • Practise your times table recall at www.Mad4Maths.comwww.Mad4Maths.com

Research information on Fidget Spinners - what is good/not so good about them. What could you design for kids/young people that is safe and could reduce stress and or improve concentration?


If you have your exercise books at home please complete vocabulary revision.  If not, then go on Memrise.com or Quizlet.com and revise from the quizzes there.  You will know which topics you have been studying but here is a reminder just in case:
Year 9 - school

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