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Work for Year 12 & 13 Students

It is extremely regrettable that school has had to be closed for a number of days now.  Please take this opportunity to keep on top of your work and remain focused.   Your teachers have put together a list of activities for you to work through.  Please get as much done as you can.  The list will be updated during the day.

You may have been directly contacted by your teacher, if the work is not listed below.


Activity Check List Assignment 1 SWa (1)

Sport Learning objective 2 - support sheet

Sport M2 Support Sheet

Sport- Where are we at the minute


All students have been emailed by one of their teachers.  A summary of the activities is below:

English Language – Year 12

Class would not have a lesson today and should ensure that their home learning is complete to a high standard for tomorrow.

English Language  - Year 13

Should revise theorists for Child Language Acuisition.  PowerPoints have been emailed.

English Literature – Year 12

Research critical views on performances of "Othello".

English Literature – Year 13

Continue with coursework (NEA).

Year 13/ Sociology

  1. Make detailed notes on globalisation, green crime, human rights and state crimes following on from yesterday’s lesson.

Use the Webb text book (Book 2) – pages 131-140.

  1. Make notes on the neo-Marxist approach to differences in offending and ethnicity and victimisation.

Use the Webb text book (Book 2) – pages 118-120

  1. Why not have a go at some application questions:
  • Evaluate the usefulness of Realist theories for our understanding of crime (30 marks)
  • Evaluate sociological views of the relationship between crime and the mass media (30 marks)



Year 12/ Sociology

  1. Make sure you have your notes completed on ethnicity and internal factors.

Use the Webb text book (Book 1) – pages 45-48

  1. Prepare for your presentations on Friday as discussed last lesson.
  2. Prepare a plan / sequence map for:

Evaluate sociological explanations of ethnic differences in educational achievement (30 marks)

  1. Read ahead on gender differences

Use the Webb text book (Book 1) – pages 50-55

  1. Read and make notes on Family Diversity (Topic 6) – modernism and the nuclear family

Use the Webb text book (Book 1) – pages 225-228




Year 12/Psychology


  1. Continue to prepare for your assessment on Institutionalisation. The test will also include questions on research methods.
  • Discuss the effects of institutionalisation.

Refer to the studies of Romanian orphans in your answer (16 marks)

Use the Flanagan text book (green haired girl) (Year 1) – pages 90-91, revision books and cards and your plans and sequencing maps.

  1. Read ahead and makes notes on Conformity: Types and explanations

Use the Flanagan text book (green haired girl) (Year 1) – pages 16-17

  1. Create a table highlighting the psychosexual stages
  2. Use the Flanagan text book (green haired girl) (Year 1) – pages 118-119


  1. Ensure your notes are complete on obedience: Milgram’s research, ready to apply to exam questions on Thursday.

Use the Flanagan text book (green haired girl) (Year 1) – pages 22-23

  1. Read ahead on situational variables influencing obedience levels (pages 24-25)
  2. Research different branches of the nervous system and their functions

Use the Flanagan text book (green haired girl) (Year 1) – pages 114-115, website and revision books

Year 13/Psychology

Make notes on and continue to work on your presentations looking at the biological factors causing aggression:

  • Neural factors – Brain dysfunction and the limbic system
  • Neurotransmitter – Serotonin
  • Hormonal Factors – Testosterone and Cortisol
  • Use the Flanagan text book (pink haired girl) (Year 2) – pages 290 – 291, revision book and all additional material from the lesson




Year 13/Law

  1. Continue to prepare for your test on involuntary manslaughter on Weds 7 March

Use the Criminal law text book and all additional handouts, revision book and articles provided in the lessons.


A Level Textiles
Year 13 Continue with primary research sketches / studies and artist link research for your chosen exam question
Year 12 complete your design statement for the Wool4school competition entry. Use the student book and examples on the website to help you.


Year 12 and Year 13 – A’ Level Art

Year 12 – Continue to develop work for your chosen themes based on last year’s specimen paper.

Year 13 – Externally Set Exam – continue to develop your assessment objectives and add images to your written component for the Personal Investigation.

Exam dates for Year 13:  9th, 10th, 11th May – 15 hour exam.

Geography Y13

Use your powerpoint collection, text and revision guide to fully review the timetabled topics. Do the practice questions we designed for you for each key idea. Focus is water/carbon and Global governance.

Year 13 PE

Should continue with MHA/AJA/SWA units. The deadline from Assignment 3 for AJA is tomorrow, all resources are on Google Classroom to support this, other teachers will be in touch for specifics of assignments via email

Year 13 SPORT CTEC – a number of documents are attached for you to work through, in your write up of M2. Deadline Friday.

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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