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Work for Year 11 Students

It is extremely regrettable that school has had to be closed for a number of days now.  Please take this opportunity to keep on top of your work and remain focused.   Your teachers have put together a list of activities for you to work through.  Please get as much done as you can.  The list will be updated during the day.


Drama GCSE



  1. Revise by completing pages 74 -90 of CGP revision workbook
  2. Complete pages 54-60 of CGP revision workbook

There is also a variety of non-fiction, paper 2 style writing questions in this book that students could complete.

Students could also use the internet for revision.  The BBC Bitesize website is recommended.


Following the unforeseen school closures from last week, year 11 still have to sit their Paper 3.  If you are in Year 11 continue to use your revision guides to signpost your areas of focus.  Where topics need more practice (because you aren’t entirely confident of the content or you keep getting these types of questions incorrect) find worksheets on corbettmaths.com. There will also be a number of tasks set on www.mymaths.co.uk - more than enough to keep you


The following activities all match well to previous exam questions and should be  completed (even if you don’t get all done today) as part of your revision.

Your exercise books and revision guides will obviously help, if you have taken neither home or haven’t yet bought one then https://www.bbc.com/education/examspecs/z8r997h covers all you need for the AQA specification.

  1. Produce a compare map of plant and animal cells.
  2. Produce a sequencing map describing how and why the model of the atom has changed over time.
  3. Write a method (can be sequencing map or simply bullet pointed steps that would allow you to find the resistance of a fixed resistor using a graph (include a circuit diagram).
  4. Produce an outline of a human body and annotate around it the different ways pathogens can enter and the barriers that stop them.
  5. Explain how a vaccination can lead to someone acquiring immunity to a disease.
  6. Sketch a velocity time graph for a sky diver jumping from a plane, accelerating to terminal velocity, pulling his parachute cord and then decelerating to a new terminal velocity.
  7. Beneath the above graph explain what is happening at each stage in terms of balanced and unbalanced forces.
  8. Produce a labelled image of a heart, underneath create a sequencing map describing step by step the order blood would move through the heart (starting with de-oxygenated blood returning from the body).
  9. Produce a compare map showing the difference between ionic and covalent bonding.
  10. Use one side of A4 paper to produce a summary sheet that shows the similarities and difference between diamond and graphite.


Use your revision guide to focus on paper 1 the physical theme. Use the A3 you have to check your facts and then check your understanding with the question list at the end of each revision guide chapter.


You have been provided with a large printed out version of the Computer Science theory notes and revision notes for every topic including practice questions. Please use this document to work through each area in turn in preparation for key topic tests we will be doing in the classroom.

Business Studies

You will need to use BBC bite size to revise each component. In addition, on our intranet we have provided presentations and activity sheets for all of unit 3 (the pre-release case study). The students can work through these so that they are prepared for the mock exam we have planned at the end of this half term.


Complete final design of your product. This should show the front and back. It should be colour rendered, annotated in detail with fabrics, components and indicate suitability for purpose. Make sure you refer back to your design specification and your customer requirements.


Year 11 – Preparation for GCSE Externally Set Examination

Continue developing your assessment objectives for your chosen theme as follows:

AO1 – Develop – produce studies influenced by your chosen artists.

AO2 – Refine – Experiment with a range of materials, refine ideas.

AO3 – Record – Take photographs/produce a range of drawing/painting studies in any medium.

Miss Smith/Mrs Staniforth to take in all work this week for checking on progress.

Reminder:  Aim for one good quality piece of work per week.

Exam dates:  23rd, 25th and 27th April – 10 hour exam


See attached worksheet at the top of the page. 

Food and Nutrition

Continue working on portfolio all need to be completed. Practical evaluations and final analysis. Deadline extended until Thursday 15th March. Use illuminate food preparation book online  to revise.    Other websites British nutrition foundation bbc bite size. AQA revision videos on you tube,

Health & Social Care

Complete 4c communication methods and their home learning chosen nursery research task. Or create revision resources for the stages of growth.

Year 11 PE

Please continue with coursework, this can unfortunately only be accessed from Google Classroom (classroom.google.com)

Product design

Work on eportfolio – any area is fine

  1. Explain your final idea – what is it made from, how is it going to be made – materials, processes, tools and equipment.
  2. Complete work in your theory workbooks if you have them – work through from the beginning
  3. Complete GCSE past papers – can be found fast access on GCSE bitesize



If you have your exercise books at home please complete vocabulary revision.  If not, then go on Memrise.com or Quizlet.com and revise from the quizzes there.  You will know which topics you have been studying but here is a reminder just in case:
Year 10 and 11 - Any GCSE topic (if they type in AQA GCSE lots of quizzes will appear)

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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