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Work for Year 10 Students

It is extremely regrettable that school has had to be closed for a number of days now.  Please take this opportunity to keep on top of your work and remain focused.   Your teachers have put together a list of activities for you to work through.  Please get as much done as you can.  The list will be updated during the day.


Checking out me history year 10 work

Level 1 NCFE Work PE

Level 2 NCFE Work


Maths Y10 Set 1 extension

Maths Y10 Sets 2-3 worksheet

PE - Levers & Planes & Axis Revision Sheet

PE - Muscular Revision Sheet

PE - Skeletal Revision Sheet


Currently we are studying the GCSE Anthology.  In preparation for reading ‘Checking out me History’ students with access to the internet can research the following people:

  • Dick Whittington
  • Toussaint L’Ouverture
  • Nanny of the Maroons
  • Lord Nelson
  • Shaka the great Zulu
  • Arawaks
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Mary Seacole

Students should briefly record:

  1. Who the person was
  2. What the person is famous for / what they did that was noteworthy

All students, including those who do not have the ability to research the people above, should then read the poem and answer the questions.


Please see attached maths worksheet. Students should not necessarily work through every question but find an appropriate entry point based on their understanding – of course there is no problem with attempting every question!!

Developing algebraic understanding to reason and problem solve.  Tasks are split and a really challenging set of questions has been provided for Set 1.


The following activities all match well to previous exam questions and should be  completed (even if you don’t get all done today) as part of your revision for your end of year 10 test.

Your exercise books and revision guides will obviously help, if you have taken neither home or haven’t yet bought one then https://www.bbc.com/education/examspecs/z8r997h covers all you need for the AQA specification.

  1. Produce a compare map of plant and animal cells.
  2. Produce a sequencing map describing how and why the model of the atom has changed over time.
  3. Write a method (can be sequencing map or simply bullet pointed steps that would allow you to find the resistance of a fixed resistor using a graph (include a circuit diagram).
  4. Produce an outline of a human body and annotate around it the different ways pathogens can enter and the barriers that stop them.
  5. Explain how a vaccination can lead to someone acquiring immunity to a disease.
  6. Sketch a velocity time graph for a sky diver jumping from a plane, accelerating to terminal velocity, pulling his parachute cord and then decelerating to a new terminal velocity.
  7. Beneath the above graph explain what is happening at each stage in terms of balanced and unbalanced forces.
  8. Produce a labelled image of a heart, underneath create a sequencing map describing step by step the order blood would move through the heart (starting with de-oxygenated blood returning from the body).
  9. Produce a compare map showing the difference between ionic and covalent bonding.

 Use one side of A4 paper to produce a summary sheet that shows the similarities and difference between diamond and graphite

Year 10 GCSE PE

As part of confidence week, year 10 should complete the attached documents to recap learning from the start of the year.


Year 10 Health & Fitness

Level 2 - Year 10 should try to complete question 1-3 of the attached past paper

Level 1 - Should try to label the attached sheet with as many muscles as they can


Research the work of either Mary Quant or Vivienne Westwood. Produce a collection of fashion designs in their style. Colour render and annotate your ideas.


Year 10 – Portraiture

Research 2 different photographers that focus on black and white portraits of celebrities.

Food and Nutrition

For year 10 food preparation and nutrition complete all revision worksheets on food provenance set on Monday 5th March. Create revision cards or mind maps on the topics.                                       

Health & Social Care

computer access to complete their work on specialist communication including how it supports (PIES) development OR revision creating quiz cards or defining maps for their exam unit using their books


If you have your exercise books at home please complete vocabulary revision.  If not, then go on Memrise.com or Quizlet.com and revise from the quizzes there.  You will know which topics you have been studying but here is a reminder just in case:
Year 10 and 11 - Any GCSE topic (if they type in AQA GCSE lots of quizzes will appear)

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