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Visit to Holocaust Centre

On Friday 24th November, 44 year 9 students visited the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Nottinghamshire to understand more about what we can learn from this part of history.

Students were involved in discussion with centre staff and explored the collections and exhibitions which illustrated in great depth what we had been learning about in EPR. We then visited the memorial gardens and learned about the families who use the space to remember their relatives who had been lost. The students participated in a brief ceremony of remembrance by laying stones on a 'living memorial' to children who had been killed in the Holocaust.

To complete the day, Holocaust survivor, Ruth David, who was one of the 'Kinder Transport', spoke with us about her story and how she and her siblings were all able to escape Germany just in time before the war broke out and persecution against Jewish people escalated further. She explained life in Germany before the war and the changes that took place towards the end of the 1930's. Ruth told us about how both her parents had died at Auschwitz concentration camp.

The students were both fascinated and moved by the experience. It was a real privilege to meet Ruth and develop our understanding of this time in history and its on-going impact.

(Images show the students discussion the meaning and symbolism in a memorial sculpture called 'Abandoned' and the laying of stones in the Memorial Garden - the 'living memorial')

For more information about the Centre, please click here https://www.nationalholocaustcentre.net/


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