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Headteacher's Update

Dear Parent/Carer

I am sure that, like me, you are delighted to finally see some lovely weather; it’s just a shame we couldn’t have seen it last week while we still had school holiday!

As well as more lovely weather this term, we will also be presented with exam season and lots more fantastic activities within and beyond the curriculum. As always, I would encourage you to catch up on recent stories at Lawnswood School - Latest


Our reward scheme continues to attract many winners and, in the last couple of weeks, students have demonstrated some excellent examples of commitment, collaboration, curiosity etc (for more examples, see Rewarding Achievement)

Next week, I look forward to my celebration breakfast, to which I am inviting the three top commendation-earning students from each year group.

Students of the month for March

Year 7: Molly Scott

Molly has been chosen because of her excellent attitude to school across the board and, more particularly, for her support of other Year 7 students, especially her friend who had a road traffic accident and needed support when she returned to school.

Year 8: Daisy Pullan

Daisy is friendly, helpful, polite and respectful. She is involved in Student Leadership and she always works extremely hard in all areas of school. Daisy gives 100 percent to everything and it is a complete pleasure to have her in this year group.

Year 9: Sol Mortimer-Hinchcliffe

Sol has a lovely attitude and is committed, focused in lessons and always organised. He conducts himself excellently with peers and genuinely cares for others.

Year 10: Rania Azzoug

Rania is a positive and consistently outstanding student. She works hard in all lessons and produces excellent and detailed work. Rania is kind and caring towards her peers and will go out of her way to help others. Also, Rania has 100% attendance and punctuality, which demonstrates her commitment to her education. Rania particularly shows a great commitment as part of her form group, getting involved and helping out where she can.

Year 11: Shabrina Warastri

Shabrina is an exemplary student with an outstanding work ethic. Not only does she work to the best of her ability in all subject areas, but Shabrina also works as hard to support friends, her year group and Lawnswood School - this is something that Shabrina has done since joining us in 2013. When you need something doing or support with events, Shabrina is the person to ask. Her involvement has even included being the school's official photographer! Shabrina is a leader of the Year 11 Student Committee and, with others, has worked tirelessly to ensure that the views of Y11 are represented. She is a kind, thoughtful and funny young woman and is a thoroughly deserving winner of Year 11 Student of the Month.

Year 11 GCSE Exams

The exam season for our Year 11 students is about to begin; students studying art and modern foreign languages begin their practical and speaking exams next week. Students studying these subjects will have been fully prepared by their teachers and told when and where their exams are taking place.

We are aware that students (and parents and carers!) can find the period of exams very stressful and this year in particular, as a result of the reformed GCSEs, our students have many more exams to sit. All our Year 11s have been given an initial exam timetable and will be given a more personalised copy (to include their seating arrangements) in the next week or so. To ensure you as parents and carers are kept informed, we will also send a copy home in the post for you.

Our students have been supported during their tutor periods and registrations to organise their revision and have had both general and subject specific tips on how to best revise and prepare themselves for their exams. Subject specific ‘top tips’ are currently being compiled and will be shared with students in the next week or so.

We start our more formalised exam preparation sessions in the week beginning 14 May 2018. During this time, full attendance at school is compulsory, but students will be given a timetable which indicates which normal lessons they attend; when they are required to attend an exam preparation session; and, indeed, when they have an exam.

In week beginning 4 June, Year 11 students will only be required to attend their exam preparation sessions and their exams. We will communicate further with you about these arrangements nearer the time.

I am truly impressed with the dedication and commitment our students are showing to their exams. This was highlighted by the attendance and work ethic in our recent revision sessions during the Easter holiday. I look forward to celebrating with them on their results day in August.

Easter school holiday consultation

Leeds City Council is seeking views about the timing of the Easter school holidays for the next few years. This topic was previously consulted about in 2009 and 2013. On both occasions, the public view was clearly in favour of having a fixed Easter break. In 2011, LCC fixed the school break to the first two weeks of April, regardless of when the Easter bank holiday weekend falls. Usually the bank holidays fall somewhere within this break but, every few years, they fall outside. LCC is seeking public opinion again to decide whether to continue the current arrangement or to return to a school holiday that moves according to the Easter bank holidays.

As a maintained school, Lawnswood School abides by the holiday dates set by Leeds City  Council. Academies, free schools, foundation schools and voluntary-aided schools are entitled to set their own dates and can continue to do so regardless of any change the council makes as a result of this consultation.

The Council is keen to have as much feedback as possible. Please visit their site to complete the online survey about the Easter holiday issue: www.leeds.gov.uk/easterholidayconsultation

If you would like to give feedback but prefer to complete the survey on paper, please pick up a copy from our Visitor Reception.

The consultation closes on Friday 8 June 2018.

School bus service – L57

Some of our students use the school bus number L57 that travels between Bramley and Holt Park.

I understand that parents and carers of students registered with the service have been advised by the bus company to complete an online renewal form if they wish their child to continue to use the school bus service next academic year. The closing date for these applications is 30 June 2018. If you think this may apply to your child(ren), the online renewal form is here:

Renew your school bus pass | Metro

New starters and students moving up into Year 12 should apply using a different form, which is here:

Secondary School Passes for 2018/19 | Metro

Local traffic

As you will know, we continue to have concerns about the speed of road traffic in the vicinity of school and I was glad to be able to tell you about the traffic calming measures recently introduced locally. Weetwood Councillors have now arranged for a speed indicator device (SID) to be installed on Spen Road. SIDs tell drivers their speed and indicate if they are travelling too quickly. Other SIDs in our area are reported to have reduced the speed of traffic so we are optimistic that this will improve road safety for our students.

Dates for your diary or for information:

  • Week commencing 23 April: GCSE Spanish, French and German speaking exams
  • Week commencing 23 April: GCSE Art externally set assignment
  • Wednesday 2 May: Year 11 celebration assembly
  • Thursday 3 May: Year 7 Parent Consultation Evening from 4.30pm until 00pm
  • Monday 7 May: public holiday (school closed)
  • Friday 11 May: Key Stage 5 careers event in school during the school day

If you have a child or children preparing for exams or assessments at the moment, I wish them effective revision and look forward to reporting on their success later in the year.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of our school and I trust you and your family are enjoying the fine weather we are finally able to welcome this week!

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Bell Headteacher

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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