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Headteacher's Update

16 November 2018

Dear parent / carer

As you will know, I send an email to parents and carers every two weeks, including information about activities and learning that has taken place, updates relevant to the school community and reminders about future events.

This week, I have some important information that all students and families need to know, so I have chosen to contact you by post.

If you have an email address but have not been receiving my fortnightly emails, please let us know your correct email address. You are welcome to do this by email on school@lawnswoodschool.co.uk but please remember to identify who you are and with which students you are connected.

Changes to student exits from school

We are becoming increasingly concerned by the volume of traffic on the school site at the beginning and ends of each day and the impact this is having on the safety of our students. I have previously requested that parents/carers don’t drive onto school site but make alternative drop off and pick up arrangements to improve safety and reduce air pollution on the school site.

Current arrangements see all students leave the school building via the blue metal gates at the front of school. Many students then walk along the driveway and out to Otley Road or Spen Road. There have been times when the volume of traffic and students leaving at the same time has been highly dangerous and we cannot allow this to continue.

Therefore, in order to help us to keep students safe at the end of the school day, we are no longer going to allow students to be picked up in the school car park or to leave the site via the Otley Road driveway exit. From Monday 26 November, all students will leave the building via the exits at the back of the building. Students wishing to catch a bus on Otley Road, or to walk down into Headingley, must leave site via the gate at Weetwood Road (Gate 2 in the diagram below). Those students going to Spen Road will exit the back of the site via the green gates next to the PE area (Gate 1) and will turn left to leave site through the gates at the end of the driveway.


We will be notifying students through the Road Safety Awareness assemblies next week but your support in talking through these changes with your child and arranging alternative pick up arrangements would be greatly appreciated.

Behaviour Policy for students

We have recently updated our Behaviour Policy for students to reflect our current approach and to incorporate some separate documents on related topics.

I should be grateful if you would visit the policies section of our website - www.lawnswoodschool.co.uk/our-school1/policies/ - to familiarise yourself with the revised policy and, if you consider it appropriate, discuss it with your child(ren). If you have already been receiving my fortnightly updates, we will have emailed the policy and a link to you on Friday so that you can access the information via whichever route suits you best.

Senior Leader drop-in opportunities

We would like to further extend the ways in which we communicate with parents; your support and our understanding of your views and concerns are essential to us continuing to deliver a good education to all our students.

To that end, with immediate effect, a member of the senior team will be available at main school parents’ evenings so that parents / carers of students in any year group may drop in for a conversation about any topic.

The member of the senior team will be based in the conference room and will be happy to meet with you on a first come first served basis. Your child does not need to be in the year group associated with the event on that date; you are welcome to any event to come along and catch- up. We would love to hear your views on any matter at all that concerns you or that you feel would improve the school or better support your child.

There is no need to make an appointment in advance, just come along if you can.


As you will know, you are now able to use ParentPay to pay for items bought in the school diners or café.

To use ParentPay, just log in on https://www.parentpay.com/public/client/security/.

We wrote to you in September with a username and password for your account on the payment website. If you are not already using ParentPay for diner purchases, it would be helpful if you could start doing so as soon as possible.

Key dates

In the next couple of weeks, you may want to be aware of the following:

  • Thursday 22 November: Year 13 parents’/carers’ Evening from 5.00pm until 7.00pm
  • Friday 23 November: training day – school closed to all students
  • Monday 26 November: changes to student exits from site (described above) become effective.

    Yours faithfully

Mrs J Bell

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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