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1280px-Flag_of_Germany.svgGermany Trip

From the 11th to the 14th of November, we went to Germany with Miss Pavanetti, Miss Agar and Mr Jacobs.

On the first day, we arrived at school at 3:15 and we drove down to Dover to get the Ferry to Calais. We then drove to Koblenz, where our hotel was. After a short night sleep, we woke up early and got back on the coach to go to Cologne. Once there, we visited the zoo and the aquarium. Did you know that a Channel – billed Cuckoo is called a Fratzenkucknuck? There were lots of really cool animals, like orangutans and snow leopards!

After, we saw the Cologne Cathedral, which is really beautiful and huge! We did city sightseeing for around two hours to then go to the Schokoladen Museum, where we learnt how Lindt makes their chocolate. We also got a tasty treat there!

When we went back to the hotel, our teachers prepared a quiz night, which was a lot of fun. Our team came second!

The next day we drove along the river and visited a very cute village called Rudesheim um Rhein. It was like a Christmas village! We then went to a monument called Kuffhäuser monument on a headland in Koblenz called Deutches Eck, which translated into English means the “German Corner”. We then had some free time to visit the city and go shopping, before we headed back to the hotel as we had to pack before going to sleep.

On the last day, we had to wake up really early as we were heading home. However, on the way we stopped in Belgium, in the beautiful city of Bruges. It was very nice and we managed to try some of their famous and delicious chocolates and waffles!

We then got back on the ferry and drove home. We got home around midnight and we had to be in school the next day but it was definitely worth it! I really enjoyed the trip.

Mair Cave

Year 10 Student

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