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Confidence Week

This week saw the launch of our very first Confidence Week. At Lawnswood School we recognise the enormous challenge now faced by our students as they work hard to prepare themselves for much longer GCSE and A level exams than ever before.

The new qualifications contain far more content and it is rarely possible to complete coursework or sit exams in modules anymore.
Consequently we know that we need to provide as many opportunities as possible to support our students to commit key knowledge to their long term memory and to be armed with a host of revision and recall strategies so that they can approach these daunting exams with confidence.

Teachers across the school worked hard to plan meaningful activities for the week and all students were engaged in revisiting work that they hadn't covered for several weeks, months or even years!

Take a look at the photographs on the right to see the quality of some of the tasks task. Activities captured on film include:

  • Year 8 students reflecting on their learning by creating a book review of Lord of the Flies.
  • Year 11 students looking back over the Y10 set pieces from Sergeant Pepper.
  • Year 7 revisiting source work in history to show how much historical knowledge they had developed since September.
  • Year 11 Geographers revisiting their June fieldwork to recheck their hypothesis and review their conclusions as they now start to prepare for their mock exams.
  • Year 12 Chemists retaking their actual GCSE paper and being astounded by how much their knowledge had grown in just six months.
  • Year 13 Sociology students producing key revision cards and rewriting essays from Year 12 to show how much their understanding had grown.
  • Year 12 English students focused on organising their notes and ensuring that they had a good understanding of all the work covered so far.
  • Year 9 Mathematicians building their confidence by looking at the nth term in sequences for triangular numbers; reviewing their work on factorisation as they did so.
  • Year 11 students bringing in revision resources for maths that they had made at home.
  • Year 7 students using thinking maps to build their confidence.
  • Year 11 students taking part in a synoptic challenge to review their recall of photosynthesis and respiration.

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Confidence Week

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